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Paintball is a special game that has become increasingly popular for those who want to enjoy doing something different. It was developed in the mid-1980s and involves opponents hitting each other using dye-filled paintballs from a rifle for elimination.

While many people might think that a simple mask is enough to get the right security and thrill they want; experts recommend the use of the right gear. In this post, we bring you the Essential Gear for Paintball that will make the game more entertaining.

Paintball mask

To keep your face safe from paintballs that dash at high speed, you need the right mask.  The mask helps to block the paintballs from hitting the eyes, ears, and nose, and causing permanent damage.

The masks come in diverse designs and colors so that you can select the personal sense of style or match perfectly with other outfits.


In addition to the mask, you will require the right lenses to protect the eyes and enhance your vision. You can go for a clear lens which is ideal in most situations because everything is naturally clear.

However, if you will be playing paintball in the open on a sunny day, dark sunglasses will be a better option. Another option is the yellow lens that helps to improve motion perception so that you can avoid being hit.

Goggle fan

When selecting a mask, make sure to factor one important thing; fog. Many masks tend to accumulate fog as the player breathes. The danger of this is that your vision will be poor and risk being eliminated faster.

To address the problem, make sure to buy a goggle fan that is battery powered, and keeps blowing away all the fog from the lens.

Paintball boots

Paintball boots are very important for protecting the feet. Because the game is mostly held outdoors, you will need sturdy and waterproof boots to protect the feet from water or rough surface.

Besides, boots enhance traction for better aiming and hitting opponents.

Knee and elbow pads

If the paintball hits a player on the knee, it can be very painful. To protect the knees and elbows, you should invest in knee and elbow pads.

Besides, the pads help the player to stay safe when required to kneel down either avoiding being hit or aiming. Make sure to try and confirm that the pads you select are the perfect fit and can be worn easily.

Paintball pants

Paintball pants are very diverse. They can be a tough pair of jeans or specially designed clothes that come with knee pads, water resistant pockets, mesh lining, and squeegee pockets.

Factoring personal budget and level of playing are important. If want to play the game regularly, you should consider investing in proper pants as opposed to using jeans.

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