24 08 17

Paintball on TIME!

You have probably watched soldiers in the theaters fighting fiercely and admired their bravery. With paintball, you can also participate in a similar fight through Paintball.

This is a sport played in teams with members eliminating opponents by tagging them using special capsules containing a soluble dye propelled from a paintball gun. The thrill of playing paintball is winning against the opponent. The secret is simple; play paintball on time.

This means timely aiming, shooting, and staying hidden from the opposing team. Here are additional tips for winning a paintball competition.

Do not get afraid of paintball

Getting hit by a paintball is harmless. Well, it stings a little, and the paint mark might persist for a couple of days, but it will be over and forgotten sooner than you think.

Some new players are worried about getting hit which prevents them dashing from one point to another. This fear makes the game less exploratory and boring.

A good player is always apt to note the opponent and dash to the better position for more accurate shots. Therefore, bite the bullet and fight like a soldier- it is only a bullet.

Avoid giving your position

One characteristic of paintball guns is that they are very loud. Therefore, when you fire a shot, it alerts all the opponents about the position, and they will all train the guns on you. This will raise the chances of getting shot and elimination. Because of this, there are only three reasons for firing at opponents.

  • When the opponent is clearly visible, and the chances of tagging him/her are very high.
  • When an opponent is undercover and wants to distract attention so that he can move to another position.
  • When testing a gun before the game starts.

Remember not to waste your paint by trying to hit an opponent who is under cover or too far away. It is better to remain quiet and wants for a clearer shot. Always try to scan the field to identify the enemy positions before firing.

Avoid exposing the body too much

The riskiest moment when you are likely to get shot is when getting out of cover. It is advisable to expose a very little part of the body that makes it difficult for opponents to aim at you.

It is advisable to only expose the gun. Just like in real theaters, if you anticipate getting out of cover from the left position, pop out and take a shot from the left. The opponent will be waiting to hit you from the left and give you time to dash to a better position.

Take time to train and get some field skills

Just like soldiers train before deployment, you need to horn the paintball skills. Of particular importance are the communication skills between team members. You should learn to communicate using signs and to talk less to avoid getting detected by opponents.

The opponent should also acquire and learn to use the best outdoor digital watch. The right timepieces help players to time dashing from one cover to another while avoiding getting hit. Remember always to stay focused on the price.